“I Believe… I’m Healthy?” Summer Study – July 2022

Join us for a four-week study as we:

    • Explore the concept of health from a medical, philosophical, cultural, and theological perspective.

    • Discover how these perspectives shape and contribute to our understanding of wholeness and Shalom.

    • Discuss health because, generally speaking, it doesn’t get talked about much in the Church.

    • Although the conversations and discussions around the topic may encourage participants to explore some new, healthier ways of being, the focus of the series will not be on how we should “eat this, not that,” or on how we need to move more, sleep more, stress less, etc.


Please note:

    • The sermons will be offered live during Sunday morning worship at Newslongburg Presbyterian Church in Murrysville, PA.  However, they will also be available as a weekly podcast, meaning that participants can access them at any time. 

      • We are encouraging people to continue attending church as normal and listen to each installment of the series later. 

    • In addition to receiving the podcast, participants will have the opportunity to engage these topics more deeply through weekly emails and participation in live, mid-week webinar discussions.


How it works:

Register – Click here to register for the four-week study.

Pre-Study Survey – Visit bit.ly/HSHCsurvey to help us learn if and how you have seen churches discuss health.

Receive Materials – Check your email the first weekend of July for the upcoming week’s study materials. You’ll receive new materials via email every weekend in July.  If you don’t see an email from us in your inbox, please check your social, promotions, and spam folders!

Watch/Listen – Watch the livestream of the “I Believe… I’m Healthy” sermon series or listen to the podcast version!

Engage – There are several opportunities to engage with the study materials each week including:

    • A live mid-week webinar with Karen and Travis.

    • Reflection questions and articles to dive deeper into the week’s topic.

    • The HSHC Facebook pageEach week we’ll give followers an opportunity to share their learning and engage with others via social media.  



Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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Let’s Explore Health Together