What is health and wholeness?

For HSHC, it is the living out of shalom, which can be translated as peace, but also wholeness or living into our full selves in the best possible way.  It is not a seeking for perfection, but an union of our capacities for both positive and negative relationship with self, community, and God.  Through this integration we can more fully connect to ourselves, accept other people as they are, and realize a deep connection to how we are interrelated as we live our life.

Pastors and seminarians are often tripped up by trying to live into an expectation of the role and the example of Jesus’ perfection.  The goal of this assessment is to help you focus your intention on the image of God within yourself and to help you live more fully into your true self.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable, being completely honest with yourself about each area of wellness in your life.

After you have taken the assessment, you will receive your personalized results and a guide with some suggestions to hopefully help you to move towards greater health and wholeness in your life.  Allow the Holy Spirit to guide, empower and comfort you in the journey.

*This is part of our ongoing research: we will not share the information you provide us with anyone and only use the data aggregated to enhance the work of HSHC.

“When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing.” Rabindranath Tagore