Healthy Seminarians-Healthy Church is dedicated to empowering discipleship within the church through strengthening the connection between body, mind, and spirit in communion with God, neighbor, and self.  Understanding our interconnectedness with all God’s creation is a vital part of worship and service and can inform our life choices.  Whether your congregation is already cultivating a deeper sense of connection or is wanting to develop new ways of engaging, we can accompany you on the journey.

Both Karen and Travis Webster are ordained ministers in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and are available for preaching and teaching in your church and community on the topics of care for self, community, and creation.

Workshops, Retreats, and Panel Discussions (currently available online)

Karen and Travis have spoken extensively at churches, conferences, and in academic settings on a variety of topics, including the connection between spirituality and our food choices, creating more hospitable communities of faith, environmental stewardship, practices of self-care, motivation for movement, and wholeness.

For more information, contact us.

Worship Leadership (currently available online)

Both Karen and Travis are excited to have the opportunity to come and be with your congregation or group.  Whether you are kicking off a new health-oriented initiative, planning an Earth Day service, or looking for some fresh ideas for observing the seasons of Advent and Lent, they are available to lead worship with passion and creativity.  Their emphasis on God’s care for us, our communities, and the world will give you plenty to think about.

 For more information, contact us.

Food Tastings and Cooking Demonstrations (currently available online)

Healthy eating means not only good nutrition for the body but also care for the world (people and planet).  Karen and Travis love sharing:

  • Easy and affordable whole-foods, plant-based recipes for you to sample (virtually right now) and try at home;
  • Recipe “makeover” ideas (making them lighter and healthier); and
  • Tips for navigating potlucks and other food-centered gatherings.

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Classes and Small Groups (currently available online)

We are available to teach on a variety of topics that encourage physical, spiritual, and mental wholeness.  Topics such as:

  • Body and Health in the Bible
  • Fitness as We Age
  • Food in the Bible
  • Food and Mental Health Connections
  • Habit Formation and Transformation
  • Motivation for Movement
  • Self-Care as Embodiment, Hospitality, Stewardship, and more
  • Stress: Recognizing, Acknowledging, and Managing It

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Resources, Tools, and Apps

Looking for resources to to enhance your health and wholeness journey? We’ve located tools, apps, and websites we find helpful in working towards a more abundant life. Click here to see more.

You can also use our online personal wellness assessment to identify where your health and wholeness stand now and to help start creating goals for the future. Click here to access the wellness assessment.

Karen and Travis Webster, co-founders of HSHC, are dedicated to sharing their faith and experience with seminarians, clergy, and congregations.


“We have been excited about our partnership with Healthy Seminarians-Healthy Church since their beginning.  It is a joy for us to witness the growth of their vision to educate about the theologically-based relationship between the health of all of God’s creations. HSHC’s passion and expertise are enabling seminarians, clergy, congregations, individuals, and communities to better serve and appreciate God by connecting healthy spirit, mind, body, and environment.”

Lee Pippen,
Environmental Stewardship Coordinator
Forest Lake Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC