The following are apps, websites, and other tools that you may find useful for building and maintaining your overall health and wellness.

Apps & Websites


Fitness & Nutrition Trackers

  • Apple Health (Apple only) – highlights activity, sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition.
  • Five Minute Journal (Apple & Android compatible) – journal on the go with three daily questions.
  • Google Fit (Apple & Android compatible) – motivates you to move more and sit less.
  • Map My Run (Apple & Android compatible) – map your route, track your activity, log your food, share with friends.
  • My Fitness Pal (Apple & Android compatible) – track exercise and healthy eating. Exercise routines, tips, and healthy recipes.
  • My Net Diary (Apple & Android compatible) – food and exercise tracking.
  • Spark People (Apple & Android compatible) – food and exercise tracking, recipes, interactive challenges, and more.
  • Yoga Studio (Apple & Android compatible) – take yoga classes on your own time, at various levels.


  • Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 (Apple & Android compatible) –  the lists indicate which fruits and vegetables have the highest and lowest amount of pesticides on them. For those on a budget, these lists are helpful when deciding which produce is worth paying extra for.
  • Food Scores (Apple & Android compatible) – searchable online format designed to guide consumers to healthy, affordable food that’s good for both people and the planet.
  • The Seasonal Food Guide (Apple & Android compatible) – guide for selecting seasonal vegetables. Plus, some “fun” facts, recipes, and environmental impact data for each type of food!


  • Aura (Apple & Android compatible) – meditations for stress, anxiety, sleep, and more.
  • Calm (Apple & Android compatible) – variety of features such as guided meditation, relaxation, and sounds for sleep.
  • Daybook (Apple & Android compatible) – free, passcode-protected personal diary, journal, and notes app.
  • Five Minute Journal (Apple & Android compatible) –  provides journal prompts for morning and evening.
  • Gratitude Journal (Apple only) – make journal entries on things you are grateful for each day.
  • Insight Timer (Apple & Android compatible) – meditation timer and meditations.
  • Intend (Apple, Android) – reminds you at random time intervals of the changes and goals you want to accomplish. Sends you affirmations of your choosing.
  • Mokugyo (Apple, Android) – traditional Japanese instrument sound that can be used to start or end meditation practice.
  • Pray As You Go (Apple & Android compatible) – a daily prayer session, designed for use on portable MP3 players, to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly while traveling to and from work, school, etc.
  • Sanvello (Apple & Android compatible) – provides assistance with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Stop, Breath, & Think (Apple & Android compatible) – guide people through meditations for mindfulness & compassion.
  • Smiling Mind (Apple, Android) – encourages mindfulness practices as a pillar of wellness (like daily exercise, good sleep, and healthy eating).
  • Virtual Hope Box (Apple, Android) – create your own customized hope box that contains personalized supportive audio, video, pictures, games, mindfulness exercises, positive messages and activity planning, inspirational quotes, coping statements, and other tool.


  • Omvana (Apple & Android compatible) – play calming sounds for sleep.
  • Relax Melodies (Apple & Android compatible) – play calming sounds for sleep.
  • Sleep Cycle (Apple & Android compatible) – tracks your sleep and wakes you when you are in light sleep.

The artwork (acrylic on canvas) above was created by Cate Miller, art teacher at St. Thomas More School and The High Museum Summer Camp. Cate believes in giving equal attention to the mind, body and spirit. The painting was created during a Spring 2015 worship service at Eastside Church,  Atlanta, Georgia.