Join Us in Improving the Health of Our Future Church Leaders!

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You can participate in several ways:

  • Making a donation to HSHC! We will be using the same online platform as last year; checks sent by mail are also great.
  • Walking with us on the day of the event (those who live in the Atlanta area)! Note: we will be limiting the size of the group to keep things safe.
  • Organizing a small group (taking appropriate coronavirus precautions and abiding by all the rules, regulations, and laws in your locale) to “walk and pray” for the seminaries and/or churches in your area (those living all over the US and the world)!  This could be done on the same day we are holding our event or on another day that is more convenient in the week leading up to the event.  Our hope is that people will send us video recordings of their “walking and praying” for the faith communities in their communities, which we hope to be able to share with the HSHC community and beyond!
  • Watch and pray with us on the day of the event! Via Zoom/FB Live.
  • Individuals and groups can volunteer to help us reach our fundraising goal! It will be quick and easy to register as an individual or team online.  More details coming soon!

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Need to change this – Your donation will go directly towards expanding our outreach to seminary students and will help us publish our health-oriented curricula, which can be used in both seminary and congregational settings.

Donate Today!

Mile Marker Sponsors

Become a Mile Marker sponsor by donating at one of our Mile Marker Sponsorship levels.

Mile Marker Levels 

$100 – $249 =

$250 – $499 =

$500 – $999 =

$1,000 – $2,499 =

$2,500 – $4,999 =

$5,000 + =

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Organization Sponsors

Pinnacle Physical Therapy & Personal Training


Brantley Tuttle Foundation

Individual “Mile Marker” Sponsors

1k (.62 mi) “Mile Markers”

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2.5k (1.55 mi) “Mile Markers”  

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5k (3.1 mi) “Mile Markers”    

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10k (6.2 mi) “Mile Markers”     

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25k (15.5 mi) “Mile Markers”    

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50k (31 mi) ” Mile Markers”

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Interested in following us via Zoom/Facebook Live on the day of our event?

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Q – Do I have to donate online?

 A – No. You can send a check (made out to: Healthy Seminarians-Healthy Church) and mail it to:Healthy Seminarians-Healthy Church, 701 S. Columbia Drive, Box 234, Decatur, GA, 30030

Q – May I make the donation anonymously?

A – Yes!  If you are donating online, you will have the opportunity to indicate the level to which you want to be identified (anonymous, friend of HSHC, etc.)

Q – When can I make a donation?

A – Anytime between now and 11:59pm (PDT) on Oct. 3, 2020.

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Q – What are some ways I can learn more about and get involved in supporting the work of HSHC?

A – Sign up for our newsletter, check out our website, contact us.


Seminarians want health to be part of their seminary experience. 

Your donation will enable HSHC to continue to provide that for them!


“The HSHC has been a vital part of my growth as a child of God and as one called to ministry.  Karen and Travis have tremendous gifts that they share with our community, helping each of us individually and as a community to focus on keeping ourselves in the best shape we can be in order to respond to God’s call.”

M.Div./MAPT graduate (Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur,GA)